Discover the history of Acura with the team of Acura Plus Blainville dealership of new and used Acura vehicles a Blainville

Since Acura’s arrival in the United States in 1986, and a year later in Canada, Canadians have purchased around 500,000 vehicles of the brand. This number is impressive and shows that two characteristics are behind this bold ascension, namely the performance and the luxury that are at the rendezvous since the beginning of the adventure. At Acura Canada, all our vehicles are certified and rigorously inspected before being put on the market. Certified Acura means that the Japanese manufacturer does not skimp on anything and offers you what is best in terms of luxury and high performance vehicle.

At Acura Plus in Blainville, your dealer on the North Shore, near Laval and just a few minutes from Montreal, we know that the vehicles in our showroom have this long tradition and reputation of being luxury cars. Because of this, we only offer quality; it is based on more than thirty years of ingenuity and know-how. Acura branding is well-established already, and it’s present at its manufacturer and at Acura Plus Blainville.

Since 1986, Acura has come a long way. Initially launched on the North American market, the first Acura models were soon found on other continents and countries, especially China, Russia, Kuwait and also Mexico. We could ask ourselves this question: why not in Japan in the first place? The answer resides in the financial crisis of 2008, which shook this country and led the Japanese manufacturer to bet on other markets before launching its car in its own. This initiative has paid off, since Acura is now largely regarded as the leading brand of Japanese luxury cars out of the Japanese market.

Over the years, Acura has become a leader, easily competing in the North American market with local brands such as Cadillac and Lincoln, but also German ones such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. But there is another characteristic that has marked the rise of this premium brand: Acura was able to foresee the potential in the US and Canadian markets.

In the 1990s, the Legend was the first model of this manufacturer, and it immediately conquered the market. Then, the NSX was a hit celebrated by thousands of consumers. The designers of the Acura NSX have done a fantastic job and nowadays, no one can doubt the many talents of the Japanese manufacturers’ personnel.

In the 2000s, innovations multiplied, showing the Japanese ingenuity at its best. Among the models we know and see every day on our roads, we can mention the Acura MDX, the Acura TSX, the Acura RDX and the TL and CL versions, which marked the entry on the market Honda’s first all-wheel drive and turbocharged engine.

But the story does not end with these models. Indeed, more recently we can see that the RLX, ILX and TLX models bring even more innovations in terms of design (LED headlights, more aerodynamic models, etc.) and mechanical engineering (with its twin turbo engines, 9-speed transmission with double gear, etc.)

If the past is any indication of the future, the Acura brand is there for many years, because Acura, has managed to stand out at every occasion for over thirty years. By its simple but yet avant-garde mechanics, the Acura brand is reliable, efficient and powerful. In addition, it produces beautiful and very luxurious cars.

At Acura Plus in Blainville, your dealer of choice on the North Shore, near Laval and Montreal, we have the right deal for you. Since our cars crisscross Quebec, Canada and the United States roads, we also have an impressive inventory of second-hand, certified Acura vehicles.

Whether you're thinking about buying a new vehicle or a used one, at Acura Plus in Blainville you'll have an amazing experience as our experts know all Acura products from A to Z. Come and try it out our 2019 models. A brand new Acura awaits you in the showroom. You are welcome or as the Japanese manufacturer would say: Doitashimashite!

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