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The Japanese car industry is going well, your dealer Acura Plus in Blainville clearly and openly says so!


The Japanese car industry has a history in which several Japanese brands share the same international success because of their popularity from the 1960s onwards. They hit fame for their accessibility, comfort, low fuel costs, and reliability. In 1973, the world oil crisis unfolded, pushing more and more drivers towards a more economical option; the four-cylinder Japanese cars met their needs. Honda is one of those companies that was very successful during this period, a success that continues to this day. Acura, a subdivision of this automotive company, is a pioneer in luxury automobiles in Japan.


Although the brand was created in 1986, the first Acura car was first seen on the US, Canadian, Mexican, Hong Kong and Chinese market in 2006 and on the Russian market in 2014. While Honda targets ordinary people, Acura targets more car enthusiasts or those looking for prestige in a car.

It is, in fact, the first car brand to produce luxury automobiles in the country of the rising sun, because previously, Japanese cars were reputed to be only economic and reliable, not prestigious. As a result, the perception of consumers about the Japanese car market has changed. Not only are Acura vehicles economical and reliable, they can also be luxurious and of top quality in the same way as their European counterparts, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

In fact, more than 99% of the Acura models sold in Canada were manufactured in North America. Obviously, Honda Canada's goal is to create vehicles that deliver performance, stylish looks, sophisticated technologies, and higher levels of customer service than ever before. It was a real success! Acura is now one of the world's leading luxury car brands that offer precision-engineered, high-performance vehicles with state-of-the-art creative design features in order to provide an awesome driving experience to Acura drivers.


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To date, Ontario-based Honda Canada has built more than 800,000 Acura cars, including the most popular models such as the first-generation MDX and ZDX, as well as the EL and CSX sedans available exclusively in Canada. So far, more than 500,000 Acura luxury cars and SUVs are sold across Canada.


Don't wait! Be one of the many happy owners of an Acura car by coming and trying out the Acura car of your dreams at Acura Plus in Blainville, near the North Shore, Laval, and Montreal.

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