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The Acura RLX: beyond luxury


Vehicles made by Acura are in a dominant position on the luxury cars’ market, and rightfully so. The Acura RLX, in particular, makes the pride of its manufacturer. This full-size luxury sedan has been on the market for only 4 years and it already took its segment by storm. You’ll find out why pretty easily by going to Acura Blainville, your Acura’s car dealer from Blainville, near Laval.


A bold positioning

The idea behind the conception of the RLX goes back to 2009. The motivation essentially came from the manufacturer’s need to separate clearly its RL and TL lines which had become harder and harder to differentiate. Before the financial crisis, Honda (it owns Acura) had the ambition to expand its portfolio to more high-end, eye-catching models. However, the new CEO of the company from the time chose a different approach. In his mind, Acura needed to position itself between BMW and Audi to represent the best of both performance and automotive technology. That’s all it took for the RLX – a successor of the RL that acknowledges its roots – to become the next logical step for the Acura’s development team. Following the presentation of a first concept at the New-York International Auto Show in April 2012, the RLX was formally introduced on the market in March 2013.


Mission accomplished

Considering the vision formulated by Honda’s CEO in 2009, the RLX has ticked all the good boxes. Its design surely deserves to be called luxurious because of the bold, furious shape of its cabin; the chiseled LED headlights with their polished lenses; the heating front seats (the cooling front seats are optional) and the redesigned, large back seats. On the technology side, the driver gets an 8-inches navigation screen and another 7-inches display dedicated to multimedia and others functionalities. Obviously, the performance has not been forgotten as indicated by the 6-cylinder, 3.5-liter VTEC engine capable of producing up to 310 HP. The RLX comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. By the way, a hybrid sport model is also available for those who truly want the best of what Acura has to offer.


The Acura RLX represents the best of luxury, performance and automotive technology. Don’t waste any second and go to Acura Blainville, your car dealer from Blainville, near Laval, for a road test.

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