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Acura Canada offers for the Acura MDX
Whether we're building a supercar or an SUV, our approach has always been the same: the driver comes first. Always. We believe that the driver is the raison d'être of any vehicle, and that's why we brought together designers and dreamers, optimists and engineers to push the boundaries of technology and improve the connection between a driver to his car to build vehicles that make no compromises on performance. A performance that offers unparalleled, always safe, driver-focused experience. This is the essence of precisely designed performance. This is what we are, what we have always been and what we will always be. So when we built the MDX, we did what we always did.


The all-wheel drive super-drivability system, standard on all MDX models, has been designed to adapt to the driver, providing a smooth ride in virtually any condition. This innovative torque vector system sends power to the wheels that need it the most, distributing power from front to rear, or from side to side for the rear wheels, helping to answer driver controls, weight distribution and available traction. In a turn, the system sends up to 100% of the rear power to the outside wheel, which allows the vehicle to turn efficiently and greatly improves maneuverability and control. This performance technology helps provide smooth power transitions and outstanding control. A control that goes well beyond traction and creates a direct connection between the driver and his vehicle.

Set up your new Acura with the help of Acura Plus Blainville in Blainville, near Laval and Montreal.
Acura Canada offers for the Acura TLX
For more than thirty years, we have brought together troublemakers, scientists and dreamers - and let creativity take its course under one guiding principle: precision craft performance. It's an unrivaled design standard that reaches exactly the accuracy and extraordinary craftsmanship come together. This is what happens when the driver is recognized as the most important part of a vehicle. Who we are, who we have always been, and who we will continue to be.

Designed to tackle cornering, the A-SPEC performance features package upgrades include 19-inch Shark Gray split five-spoke tire wheels at 245 sections, with revenue steering and updated suspension. The available A-SPEC package takes the bolder and sporty TLX design to another level with performance-focused details that include our signature Diamond Pentagon Grid with unique dark chrome surround and gunmetal mesh, an aggressively re-sculpted lower front band, a rear bumper with a piano-black diffuser and two oval tailpipes, a rear black piano spoiler, smoked headlights and taillights, side sills, A-SPEC badges, and night again exclusive Blue Pearl or San Marino Red paint. Enter the driver's seat to find either a red leather or ebony leather with Alcantaratrimmed interior, sports seats A-SPEC with more aggressive side bolsters, a unique A-SPEC steering wheel, a black roof trim, red accent lighting and instrumentation, aluminum brushed metal look trim and A-SPEC badges.

Acura Canada offers for the Acura RDX
For the past thirty years, we’ve assembled troublemakers, scientists and daydreamers, bent on pushing every boundary into submission. We’ve followed our gut instead of prevailing wisdom, found opportunity in the face of adversity, and never taken no for an answer. And by doing so, we’ve found unexpected ways to craft intuitive performance vehicles that are built around you— the driver—that bend technology to your will, that put you first. It’s what we call Precision Crafted Performance. It fuels our passion for building vehicles and flows into every aspect of our company. It’s a belief and a promise: to challenge convention and ourselves at every opportunity, to always look for a better way to elevate driving for the betterment of us all.


When equipped with the available A-SPEC package, the RDX injects the Sport Utility Vehicle concept with even more sport. Every detail is designed with performance and style in mind, like the bold 20-inch five-spoke Shark Gray alloy wheels that command attention and dominate corners. This SUV is always in attack mode, with an aggressive front bumper complete with LED fog lights and piano-black window trim around the side. To give the competition something to stare at, the rear is equipped with a piano-black diffuser, bold dual oval exhaust outlets and dark exterior trim accents. The A-SPEC package is available in a variety of sporty colours, including an A-SPEC-exclusive Apex Blue Pearl, and is finished with the distinct A-SPEC badging.

Set up your new Acura with the help of Acura Plus Blainville in Blainville, near Laval and Montreal.
Acura Canada offers for the Acura ILX
Precisely crafted performance is simply part of our lifestyle. That's why we apply the same approach to every vehicle we build, whether it's a supercar or a compact sport sedan. And that approach always starts with you, the driver. Your needs. Your desires. Your dreams. From then on, there is a fusion of the human experience and the vehicle that pushes the limits of engineering and technology, creating a performance so impressive that it will leave you speechless. That's what we are and what we do. And that's what we decided to accomplish by building the ILX.

Viewing Acura's Next Generation Advanced Compatibility (ACE ™) Body Structure is designed to help and distribute the energy produced in a head-on collision so that impact is reduced on what matters most : the occupants of the vehicle. But we went further. Collision compatibility is built into the structure. Thus, in the event of a collision, the occupants of all the vehicles involved can be better protected.

Set up your new Acura with the help of Acura Plus Blainville in Blainville, near Laval and Montreal.
Acura Canada offers for the Acura RLX
Our custom RDX black on black

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