Discover the new Acura Type S concept with your dealership Acura Plus Blainville near Mirabel and Boisbriand

The next time you see the Type S logo know that it is a sign of performance and precision. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer innovates and launches the Acura Type S. If this is a revival at Acura, you should also know that the Type S version has already existed in another life, but with different characteristics.

The Acura Plus Blainville dealership near Laval and St-Jérôme in Montreal's North Shore, tells you about the all-new Type S version that will give you the chills.

What Is the Type S Concept?

Above all, Acura sells reliable and efficient high-end vehicles, adding power and performance. The return of the Type S version with an all-new twin turbocharged V6 engine signals a renewed commitment on the part of the Japanese manufacturer towards performance across its entire range of models.

Indeed, since the launch of the NSX supercar which is, we must say, the supreme expression of its precisely developed performance concept, Acura has decided to follow suit with the launch of the Type S version on future Acura products. With a high-performance engine accompanied by the latest generation of the Super variability All-Wheel Drive System (SH-AWD), Acura now equips its 2019 and newer models with the Type S badge.

The Acura Type S Concept is more than just an A-Spec variant that we already know about Acura vehicles, it's the added performance, power and precision on the high-end brand's flagship vehicles. The discovery of high performance, elegance and refinement goes through Acura Plus Blainville. We like to make you live great sensations and bring you into the immediate future.

When you see the Type S badge on your next Acura know that it is this high performance version that is clearly at the top of the Acura model lineup with an Acura-exclusive dual turbocharged V6 engine. This new version is now available on the 2020 TLX, but let's bet the next version will be on the RDX crossover.

With its very unique and highly spectacular design, the 2020 Acura TLX Type S distinguishes itself by a long wheelbase, a low and sporty posture which shows itself as perfectly molded with its Jewel Eyes LED headlights, a five-face shell, and a new grille with great air intakes below the bumper.

This brand new 2020 Acura Type S does not go unnoticed, thanks to its support lighting, which allows you to choose the perfect dimmed ambiance, its refined look, its straight lines, its slightly embossed roof and its back trunk, which sports a carbon-fiber fender giving relief to this sporty sedan.

The interior cabin is majestic, spacious and luxurious, and when we enter the brand-new 2020 Acura Type S, we breathe the elegance and the refinement both in the front and the back of the vehicle thanks to sleek and magnificent seats offered with high-end Milano leather, which are magnificent and very durable. All the seats of the TLX Type S are ergonomic and ensure your comfort even during turns, so that you won’t even feel the curved and sinuous lines of Quebec, Canada and the United States.

With its heating and adjustable driving wheel, which ensures you an extreme comfort during the winter season, and the remote starter, which can be activated before you even open the doors, you will feel the comfort between your hands.

On top of extreme comfort and excessive elegance, the 2020 Acura TLX Type S is filled with impressive technological elements and finesse is at the rendezvous since all the connectivity options have been designed to make your life easier. More than ever, Acura has wanted to unite the driver with the functionalities of its vehicle, such as the redesigned ergonomics of the dashboard which is now cleaner and more user-friendly.

Soon we will be able to configure our own Acura Type S with the help of Acura Plus Blainville

Acura Plus Blainville, a choice full of future!

It may be said that all car dealerships are the same, but there are exceptions and Acura Plus Blainville, near Laval and St-Jérôme on Montreal's North Shore, is distinguished by attentive, respectful and friendly service. At the cutting edge of technology, in a state-of-the-art atmosphere, Acura North Shore offers you the best in terms of advice, financing and price, and for all these years, it has been able to build a large clientele with the principle that a satisfied customer will come back and talk about us. We like to take care of our customers, listen to them and offer them the best options on the market, and this hyper-careful service gives us wings to go even further, so come visit us now to discover our range of 2020 models.

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