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Demo vehicles: new cars priced as used ones


We often hear that when it’s too good to be true, it means that something is wrong. While generally wise, this rule doesn’t apply to everything, and especially not to demo vehicles. Demo vehicles have insanely low mileage, look brand new from every angles, but are still priced as regular used cars. At Acura Plus Blainville, near Laval and Montreal’s North shore, some models almost coming straight from the manufacturer show a price tag significantly lower than others, virtually identical cars. How is it possible?


Demo vehicles: new cars that barely “touched” the road


It’s a well-known fact that few things depreciate as fast as a new car, and that may cause some frustration to the buyers of these kind of vehicles. However, this non-written rule represents a significant advantage for smart consumers! As the name says, a fair amount of the so-called demo vehicles are in fact cars used specifically for test drives. Surprisingly, the most common scenario is the one where employees of the car dealer (typically sales representants) are given these cars to drive while on the road for the job. In these two cases, as you can see, the cars have been barely driven and with extreme caution when so. Although seldom, demo vehicles also include early returns from customers or cars lent to the media for reviews. If you’re not a trusting person, you might ask why did the previous buyer bring back the car and how did he drive it? Calm yourself. The car has been inspected upon its return and any potential defect would have been repaired. Plus, it’s not really easy to “beat” a car in a matter of days (or weeks) without trying its best.


It’s just common sense


Now that you know the 4 scenarios that differentiates demo vehicles and real brand new cars, consider the price difference and ask yourself the following question: would you refuse to buy a new laptop at a heavy discount because it spent a day on a tablet, out of its box, and that maybe 2 or 3 customers used it to log into their Facebook account? Your answer is probably negative, and we’re just talking about a few hundred dollars’ device while a new car usually carries a price tag in the tens of thousands.


The decision is clear: a demo vehicle is simply the best deal possible on a “used” car, and yours is waiting at Acura Plus Blainville, near Laval and Montreal’s North shore.

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