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ap vus 2021 b 12 en
2021 Acura SUV: Versatility and Efficiency In the luxury SUV segment, Acura faces stiff competition, but the Japanese automaker doesn't allow itself to be stepped on. It's skillfully playing the game, and continues to deliver on its promise of high-performance and elegant SUVs. The new model years of the RDX and MDX are proof of this: versatile and efficient, both models are unique. Whether...

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acuraplus 11 mdx 2021 blog header en
The 2021 Acura MDX: A Sleek and Sporty SUV The 2021 MDX is as efficient as when it first launched in the early 2000s; with six models to choose from, the SUV is a popular option due to its three rows of seats.  The Acura Plus Blainville dealership, on Montreal's North Shore, near Laval, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Terrebonne and Saint-Jérôme, presents the 2021 MDX, the perfect balance...

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acuraplus 09 occasion blog header en
Acura vehicles are preceded by a reputation for power and precision. If you’re attracted by the luxury of an Acura, but the price of a new vehicle is pushing you back, the certified pre-owned Acura is the perfect solution. Acura Plus Blainville on the North Shore of Montreal, near Laval, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Terrebonne and Saint-Jérôme presents you with...

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acuraplus 10 tlx 2021 blog header en
The 2021 Acura TLX: A Successful Luxury Sedan! The Japanese premium brand Acura launches the 2021 new Acura TLX. This second-generation luxury sedan is specially designed to compete with other brands, such as its German competitors. For this new model year, the Acura TLX undergoes a series of major changes, both in terms of exterior styling and interior features and entertainment and safety...

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acuraplus 08 sh awd headerb en
Advanced SH-AWD All-Wheel Drive System All-wheel-drive vehicles with all-wheel drive systems on the market today clearly show that technological advances are constantly being made to provide the consumer with the best performance and tuning tools. Acura Plus Blainville on the North Shore of Montreal, near Laval, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Terrebonne and Saint-Jérôme...

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acura plus blainvillet rdx ang
Looking back at the historic background of the Acura RDX is like getting a peek at how the Japanese automaker managed to turn this crossover into a masterpiece in its own backyard. It also shows that since its launch in August 2006, the RDX has been revamped, becoming more sophisticated and attractive than ever. Acura Plus Blainville, your Acura RDX dealer near Laval, Saint-Jérôme...

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acura plus blainville rdx 2020 en
At first glance, there are some similarities between these two luxury SUVs, but there are also elements which contrast and make us see the superiority of one model over the other. Acura Plus Blainville, the Acura dealership by excellence on the North Shore, a few minutes away from Saint-Jérôme and Laval in the great region of Montreal, tells us about this comparative match. Clearly...

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acura plus blainville rdx 2019 en
This completely redesigned Acura SUV is breathtaking. Bold and dynamic, the all-new RDX immediately catches the eye. There is no doubt that Japanese engineers have achieved a tour de force by giving free rein to their passion. At Acura Plus Blainville, near the Laurentians, Laval and Montreal, we have this passion for you. An Acura Vehicle That Goes Beyond Audacity Acura vehicles are powerful...

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2017 acura rdx front three quarter 04 1
THE 2017 RDX IS THE FUTURE OF ACURA.   It is said that the 2017 RDX is a glimpse into the future of the Acura because it contains everything the Japanese manufacturer of prestigious cars wants to see in its creations over the next few years. The RDX is today the most powerful, fuel-efficient and technologically advanced vehicle in its segment. Not surprisingly, Acura Blainville is proud to...

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2017 acura mdx
The 2017 Acura MDX: the best full-size SUV of its category   If you had to pick a SUV today, you’d be confronted to the abundance of available vehicles in this very diverse segment. Always ready to serve, Acura Plus Blainville has the solution to your problem. If you’re looking for a full-size SUV that will catch a lot of eyes on the road, go at once to your Acura car dealer from...

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acura plus blainville mdx hybride en
The Acura MDX Hybrid: Luxury, Performance and Modernity   The times when the looks of a vehicle and the specification sheet were considered enough to guarantee its success are now well over. Consumers want all of that and a taste of modernity through ambitious innovation. The Acura MDX Hybrid offers much more than that. It is indeed a car that is worth a quick little trip to Acura Plus Blainville,...

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acura plus blainville luxe voitures japonaises en
The Japanese car industry is going well, your dealer Acura Plus in Blainville clearly and openly says so!   The Japanese car industry has a history in which several Japanese brands share the same international success because of their popularity from the 1960s onwards. They hit fame for their accessibility, comfort, low fuel costs, and reliability. In 1973, the world oil crisis unfolded, pushing...

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acura plus blainville vehicules certifies en
Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: Quality Cars Guaranteed   You thought that only the less fortunate buy pre-owned vehicles? This way of thinking is outdated! Buying a used car is only a great economical way to get a luxury car without hurting our wallet. And this luxury car, you will find it at Acura Plus in Blainville, the number one reference in the Laurentians for the purchase of...

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acura plus blainville rdx 2019 en
  If Acura RDXs have so far appealed to reliable crossover SUV’s lovers with their comfort, their performance and their distinctive design, the 2019 model raises the bar even higher: the manufacturer decided to make this line benefit from the Precision Concept and to redesign this vehicle entirely for the first time in more than a decade. The new model will be introduced at the North...

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acura plus blainville mdx 2019 en
Are you looking for a sport utility that is both stylish and powerful? The answer is at Acura Plus Blainville. The 2019 MDX offers all these features in addition to reliability, safety and a user-friendly driving experience. It is often said that a SUV consumes more fuel than a sedan. Think again, because purchasing the 2019 MDX could lead you to great savings in terms of fuel consumption. The...

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acura plus blainville blogue audi vs rdx en
The 2018 Acura RDX vs the Audi Q5: the Clash of the Giants   You’re on the market for a performance and luxury SUV, but you don’t know which one to pick? You’re torn between the 2018 Acura RDX and the 2018 Audi Q5, for example? Here are a few things to consider before making your pick.   Price Even in the luxury segment (that usually targets a very specific clientele),...

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