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Most modern vehicles offer security features that only a handful of customers pay attention to because they think these features are all the same or at least pretty close. It’s probably true for some car manufacturers out there, but few of them take your safety as seriously as Acura. The suite of safety features AcuraWatch has been integrated to all the vehicles of the brand a couple of years ago and demonstrate the manufacturer’s commitment to provide its customers with a highly secure driving experience. If it’s something you care about (as you should), go at once to Acura Plus Blainville, your Acura car dealer located near Laval and Saint-Jerome, to take a pick among the many models in its inventory.


What Is a Suite of Safety Features?

Since modern vehicles are getting increasingly powerful, it’s essential to equip them with safeguards that are half safety, half driving assistance features. A suite of safety features like AcuraWatch is exactly that: a set of functionalities and technologies that work together to help you mitigate road hazards and go from point A to point B while minimizing your risk of getting into an accident. This process involves several detection and preventive features, but also more advanced elements integrated to the very body of the vehicle (in Acura’s case).


When nothing is left to chance

Safety is a never-ending process. AcuraWatch works through sensors (and an available peripheral view system) that continuously monitor the relevant elements of your environment. The cameras give you access to no less than 6 different angles and the vehicle transmits informations about its distance from other cars in real time, among other things. What can all these technologies do for you, exactly? Alert you of a potential collision and reduce its impact as much as possible; signal an imminent lane or road exit and try to prevent it from happening; regulate your speed, even when you’re cruising at a very slow pace; alert you of the presence of another vehicle in your blind spot; and finally, let you know about a car or an object coming toward you in a hazardous fashion. Nobody does more for your safety than the suite of safety features AcuraWatch!


On Top of That

Despite all these safety features and your alertness (which is not optional), you might still be involved in a car accident. Acura stands out again from other manufacturers that stop at detection and prevention: the manufacturer’s commitment for your safety goes as far as the body of your Acura vehicle. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE(TM)) body structure absorbs and redirects the kinetic energy generated by the collision to reduce its impact not only on you and your passengers, but also on those of the other cars involved!


The facts are in and they show that Acura goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure your safety. Go to Acura Plus Blainville, your Acura car dealer located near Laval and Saint-Jerome, to let the manufacturer know that you heard its message loud and clear.

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