Advanced SH-AWD All-Wheel Drive System

Acura Plus Blainville SH-AWD technologie advanced all-wheel drive with a white TLX

All-wheel-drive vehicles with all-wheel drive systems on the market today clearly show that technological advances are constantly being made to provide the consumer with the best performance and tuning tools.

Acura Plus Blainville on the North Shore of Montreal, near Laval, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Terrebonne and Saint-Jérôme tells you all about its luxurious all-wheel-drive vehicles, more specifically the fourth-generation SH-AWD all-wheel drive system.

SH-AWD All-Wheel Drive: What You Need to Know!

For starters, it must be said that in addition to their powertrains consisting of a very powerful gasoline engine and state-of-the-art electric units, a myriad of other world-class automotive engineering elements make Acura's vehicles true masterpieces on wheels. Not all AWD systems are created equal, and Acura's SH-AWD hurts the ego of those offered by the competition.

Not only do Acura vehicles perform well, but they distribute power to all four wheels through the fourth-generation super-handling all-wheel drive (SH-AWD) system. SH-AWD also provides more dynamic suspension tuning and intelligent tuning at each of the vehicle's wheels. The goal of this intelligent all-wheel-drive system is to provide the driver with more control in all weather conditions. With the SH-AWD all-wheel drive system, you'll be ready to face the next winter in complete safety.

The SH-AWD system allows all four wheels to receive power at the same speed or at different rates, depending on the needs of the vehicle. Unlike some systems that maximize their capacity at a 50/50 ratio, SH-AWD can deliver up to 70% of its torque to the rear wheels. This can prevent the vehicle or sport utility vehicle (SUV) from getting stuck in snow or slipping on ice.

The Japanese automaker has developed a technology whereby the SH-AWD system considers many factors when deciding how to react. Weight distribution, which differs from curve to curve, is one element. Another is wheel slip; tires often do not spin at the same rate, causing instability or lack of grip. For example, in curves, the tires on the outside roll faster than the tires on the inside.

Thus, Acura's engineers have placed sensors at strategic locations under the vehicle. These actively measure data such as steering angle, wheel speed, speed and lateral G-force. By communicating with a computer, the SH-AWD system makes immediate decisions, which fluctuate as conditions change. The fourth-generation SH-AWD all-wheel-drive system is even more precise, this time designed to give the driver more control in sporty driving conditions, but also to help out in our snowy winters.

In short, the SH-AWD all-wheel drive premium vehicle is even more reliable, safer and gives the driver more power on the road and in corners. This intelligent traction system distributes the weight of the vehicle and provides better tire grip on the road. The Japanese automaker is adding another string to its bow, this time combining performance and driving safety; the ideal SH-AWD traction for all of us!

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